This project is my first encounter with frontend development, I was asked to design a website for a lokal company from my hometown. I had never made a website before, so I decided to write the code in plain HTML and CSS to learn. The company had few requirements to the website and design. I started by reworking the companys logo in Adobe illustrator. Furthermore, I applyed the Bootstrap framework to make the content responsive, as time is scarce.

This prosject gave me a introduction to HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. I experienced the oppertunity's a framework can give, by speeding up the development prosess from low- to high-fidelity. I also experienced the importance of content, by having to communicate information through pictures and text. The oppertunity of making a website for a real company was an stepping stone that motivated me to learning more about the front-end world.


Here's the link to the website : AG-Varmeteknikk